Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many Community Councillors are there?

A: There are 14 for the whole of Hirwaun and Penderyn. Four represent Penderyn, and the rest represent Hirwaun. You can however approach any Community Councillor.

Q: How do I access any minutes or other records of the Council? 

A: Contact the Executive Officer to the Community Council either by attending the Village Hall or contacting them via phone, letter or email, stating which documents you would like to see. If copies are required, there may be a photocopying charge.

Q: Are the Council's records open to the public?

A: Yes, in almost all cases, the Council is entirely open and the electorate are entitled to see the records it keeps.

Q: I don't remember electing a Community Council

A: Elections are usually held at the same time as County Council elections but if there are not enough candidates to fill the vacancy then no election is held, and those candidates that are nominated are in fact elected. In other words, there must be more than 4 candidates in Penderyn and 10 in Hirwaun. 

Q: What is the relationship between the Community Council and County Borough Council? 

A: The Community Council is the Local Council and is therefore only concerned with local matters. It is the successor of the old Parish Council. It does however have a good working relationship with RCT CBC.