Garden Show 2019

Published: 11 September 2019

Our annual Garden Show was recently held at Hirwaun Village Hall. We had some fantastic exhibitors on the day with many people attending to view the exhibits. Local Primary schools got involved by entering their wildflower/tree collages to support our Bee Friendly initiative and we had some wonderful vegetable, flower, floral art, domestic and art entries. We ended the day by presenting a plaque for the Best in Show categories. 

Below are a selection of the photos from the day. All photos can be found on our Facebook page. 

 Best In Show 

Garden show - best in show    Garden show - best in show   Garden show - best in show   Garden show - best in show

   Garden show - best in show  Garden show - best in show


Flower Categories 

purple flowers   red and yellow flowers  orange and pink flowers

pink and red flowers   big colourful flowers  small, pointed flowers

Vegetable categories

 cabages   carrots and beetroots   potatoes and onions

spring onion, rhubarb, cauliflower    eggs and courgettes     carrots and tomatoes

 Domestic and Craft Categories

baked goods    jams and preserves   pillows

Framed photographs    framed artwork   cookies and pies


Kids Categories 

 paintings    mini diorama    jam tarts