Small Acts of Kindness

Published: 31 May 2020

 Are you, or someone you know in need of a small act of kindness, let’s be honest with the way the world is at the moment, who wouldn’t be? Hirwaun and Penderyn Community Council is in receipt of a grant to help make that happen.

We would like to give gifts of one of the following items to our residents: flowers, chocolates, toiletry sets, a small bag of groceries or small misc items such a a box of biscuits, hand sanitiser or a book.

We hope this helps to raise the spirits of residents in Hirwaun and Penderyn. Residents could be alone, caring for others or suffering with their mental health.
We want to show them that they are not alone and that support is out there. Also for those who live alone, fear not, you can nominate yourself.

You can nominate someone by getting in touch with our Executive Officer either by emailing with the person's name and address and why you wish to nominate them. Please do not add people's home addresses on this Facebook page. All nominations must be via email. Please note that the person nominated must live within our boundary lines of Hirwaun and Penderyn.

We have funding to allow two rounds of nominations. The deadline for nominations for round one ends on Friday 26th June 2020. The deadline for nominations for round two ends on Friday 31st July 2020.

These gifts will then be distributed to residents adhering to social distancing guidelines.


Thanks to this grant, we have also given the Ramoth Foodbank a donation of £200 worth of food to help our residents. If you wish to donate to the foodbank, or are in need of the foodbank yourself, please ring Ramoth on 01685 812719