Spring Clean Cymru

Published: 12 April 2021

We are encouraging our residents to take part in Spring Clean Cymru.
Current guidelines state that litter picks should be organised in your individual family groups only so please be mindful of this when taking part.
As we are unable to organise a group litter pick as we had hoped, why don't you add photos of your family litter pick to our Facebook page so that everyone can see how well our residents are doing in helping to improve our villages.
We are a litter hub for Keep Wales Tidy and have some litter pickers that can be booked out for your family group. If you wish to book a kit out, please email office@hirwaunandpenderyncc.org.uk confirming the dates that you wish to book the kit out for (please note it can only be collected during office hours Monday to Thursday), and how many people there are in your family group.