Anti Social Behaviour

Published: 15 June 2021

We have been liaising with the PCSO and the schools following reports of safety concerns and anti social behaviour of children on bikes gathering along High Street in Hirwaun.
These children are often seen weaving in and out of parked cars on their bikes/scooters and doing wheelies down the road with no concern for oncoming traffic.
We have also had reports of these bike/scooters being left on the pavement outside shops with residents having to walk on the road to get around them, littering issues caused by these children, and also incidences of them swearing at people as they pass.
The PCSO has informed us that they have been out on foot conducting patrols of these anti social behaviour hot spots - High St, Welfare Ground, Bowls Club, Ironworks and Penderyn Road turning circle. So far 11 anti social behaviour referrals to youths have been issued and the parents of these children have been spoken to. These referrals will continue where they witness poor behaviour.
The PCSO has asked that any anti social behaviour witnessed by residents is reported to 101 with the names of the youths if known. Any reports will then be followed up accordingly.